A downloadable horror game for Windows


Follow these or the game will not work:

- http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages

- Click on, "XP RTP", it's a runtime package so the game can work.

- Once it's installed, the game should work.

- Doesn't matter if a game is loaded before or after RTP is installed.

This is an add-on/update to the game Ao-Oni by noprops.

The main goal of this game is to add interesting extras and different

modes without drastically changing the tone of the game too much. If you

have never played the original/unmodified versions of Ao-Oni before, I

highly suggest you play this before any of them, as it would be a better experience for

horror and story, but if you would like, go ahead and play the V6 version

and compare it.

# Story

You and your friends journey into an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town. It's rumored that there is a monster that lives there.

# Gameplay

The basic gameplay can be so impactful. You find items that help you progress through the mansion, while the Oni is chasing after you, you may find and hide in cabinets, or run away. The multiple endings and choices in the game will lead to a different experience each playthrough.

**~What changed? What will be added?~**

I changed a lot, and you'll have to find what I changed, and I feel as if I did a pretty

fantastic job at not failing for the most part. I plan to add a "Comical Mode", where I

would make the Oni less scary, and change the dialogue to a more, comical, humorous type.

**Expect hours of gameplay if new, or trying to get all the endings.**

What's new in this version:


Mika Mode - Play as Mika

Takuro Mode - Play as Takuro

Takeshi Mode - Alpha stage, not finished but playable, expect some graphical and dialogue errors.

New Onis - Giant Oni and Leechum. They only appear in Mika Mode and Takuro Mode during

specific scenes. I will likely change this/add this to a different

part or possibly have it occur in different areas.

New Alt-Costume for Mika - This one replaces her alt-attire from the

previous demo. It now uses the graphics from Vampire Mika as opposed

to the rough guess that was my sprite edit before. Said older sprite

will likely make an appearance as a different alt-costume in a future


Secret Area - A new, secret area has been added to the game. Where can

it be, and what's waiting for you within it? You'll have to play through

and find out. *Been there, coded that. -Hoodie 2k16*

Changed answers to some puzzles - So experts can't speedrun first try.


On the Secret Area, there are three new items called 'Hint Cards' that

have been scattered through-out the game. They will give you clues on

what you can go about doing and perhaps point you in the general

direction of how to reach the secret area. I won't tell you exactly

where they are, but I will say this...

One of the Hint Cards is located in the first part of the Mansion.

Another one is hidden in the Annex.

And another is located in the Annex's Basement.

Find them and try to piece together their clues in order to reach the

secret area, and be rewarded with something awesome.

(diszxchat: something stupid)

What I will eventually add:


- More new Onis to chase the player around

- Potentially some new/changed spots for the Oni to pop out in

- A ton of other new modes



4] Version History


Ver 1.0 (Hoodie)

- Extended Mika's campaign

- Extended and Polished Takuro's campaign

- Redesigned end credits

- Added multiple endings and choices that factor gameplay

- Fixed translation errors

- Moved the secret area

- Added a new character and his story to the game (Not finished, very early alpha for them, not playable)

Ver 0.4 (Diszxchat)

- Extended Mika's demo to the Old Building Section.

- Changed Mika's alt-attire to the one used in Vampire Mika.

- Added a new, secret area to the game.

- Secret code added.

- Fixed the error where Giant Oni turns into a regular Oni upon entering

the basement during his chase scene.

- Meka Domo-Kun is no longer where he originally was (he is still in the

game though, somewhere...)

Ver 0.3 (Shinryu)

- Extremely early demo of the game includes the following:

- Very short demo of Mika mode added, and other codes related to her.

- Mixed Mode added.

- New Oni added. This Oni was originally intended to be in an original

fan-game I was planning on doing, though after it was scrapped I decided

to throw him in here as an easter egg of sorts. He shows up at the end

of Mika's demo.

Ver 0.2 (noprops)

- Finished Hiroshi's campaign.


5] Other Stuff


Ao Oni was initially created by noprops. I take no credit for any of

the original material that he created for this game or the material

that was utilized from other, various creators for RPG Maker XP.

If you want to track the progress of this game, I will occasionally

post updates on my Youtube channel. You can view it here:

https://www.youtube.com/Shinryuu82 *DISCONTINUED*

For actual track of progress go to the Gamejolt Page or the Wiki

where Hoodie (current dev) will post regular updates accordingly.

Additionally, if you would like to help me beta-test the game or help

out with it in any other way, send me a PM through Gamejolt and I'll respond.

Important Note: If you do want to beta-test, you must be committed to

finding glitches/out of place things during gameplay as opposed to

just wanting to get a look at the game or play it earlier than it's full


That's about everything for right now. If you have any suggestions for

this game as well, please post them on my channel's videos pertaining

to this game or send me a PM. If you find any glitches/bugs, then

please feel free to message me about them as well.

Until the next update, I hope you guys enjoy this add-on. I know it's

not much right now, but it'll be updated with newer content eventually.

Thanks in advance, and have fun. ^^


Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Role Playing
TagsAnime, hard, Horror


Blue Demon 1.5.3.rar 24 MB
Blue Demon 1.6.0.rar 26 MB
Blue Demon 1.7.0.rar 26 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the files and run Blue Demon.exe.


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y'all how do I fullschreen

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i downloaded it, but everytime i press the menu, it shuts down the game, and i loose all my progress.



how do I play it


Pretty neat.

(1 edit) (+1)

it doesnt run for me, it has an error message saying RGSS-RTP standard not found.

EDIT; found a fix, just download the shet here http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages/thankyou-rtp-xp

my too